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In some situations, you or Khaki might need to interact with these other cores or individuals. These are good groups to know about: NorthBeast, First Aid, Sanctuary, OOD, Fire, Radio, DPW, Gate, Security, Firefly Event Leads, Board

First Aid Resources

Self-Service First Aid Supplies

There are self-service first aid supplies available. [Exact locations TBD, should be near Ranger HQ and at the Satellite Ops Location close to upper parking.]

First Aid Volunteer

First Aid Volunteers have, at a minimum, basic first aid certifications and may be able to help with basic first aid needs like cuts and scrapes, minor burns, etc.. Firefly First Aid Volunteers are mobile and can be called on the radio by Khaki (Channel 15). First Aid is another Core in the Ops Cluster.

NorthBeast (EMT & Security)

For more serious injuries, professional, contracted NorthBeast EMTs with festival/event experience will staff the First Aid station (right by the Rangers) during the entire event. For Medical Emergencies, call Khaki on Channel 1 (Khaki, Khaki, I need EMTs at [Location] for [description of injury]. See Medical Emergencies for more details. Khaki can call NorthBeast on Channel 16.

NorthBeast is also the contractor for Event Security, located at the Gate.

Other Event Ops (Formerly Safety) Cores

The other Safety Cores are in our Safety Cluster: Fire, Radios, Sound.

OOD Core

New Core! If you want to volunteer, contact Currently this wiki has some of info for ICS. This on-call experienced Safety Volunteer (often but not exclusively Rangers) manages incidents. Their shifts are 24 hours. Khaki can call OOD on Channel 8.

Fire Core and Fire Arts Safety Team (FAST)

Fire Core includes several teams: FAST (Fire Art Safety Team), Fire Enclave, and Fire Marshal.

Fire Core/FAST may be called to handle potentially unsafe flame effects and assist with other fire-related issues. Khaki can call Fire core on Channel 9 (ONCALL).

See section on Unattended Fires.

Fire Core also provides fire safety training during Firefly that is open to anyone who is interested. This training occurs early in the event and for the Bug Burn Perimeter.

If you are interested in Fire Core, email Also see their page on the Firefly website.

Radio Core

The Radio Core (now separate from Rangers, but we work with them) maintains especially with testing radios and equipment. If you are interested, email

Perimeter Core

Perimeter is a new core in 2024. If you want to volunteer, you can take a look at Other Situation-Specific Procedures#Burn Perimeter. For questions, contact

Department of Mutant Vehicles (DMV)

New Core for managing the Art Car(t) policy, See

Other Firefly Cores & Roles

While not part of the Safety Cluster, Khaki may call on these groups for assistance, and you may find yourself interacting with them in some situations.

We recommend that you are aware of all the firefly cores. See this page for more information:

Some particular groups include:


Sanctuary is now part of the Service Cluster. Sanctuary is a place for Firefly participants when they are feeling overwhelmed. Sanctuary helps participants coping with emotional trauma, interpersonal issues, anxiety, and over-stimulation. Throughout the festival there are always volunteers at Sanctuary and/or on call. The volunteers maintain a calm space and offer non-judgmental empathetic listening, but they are not medical or mental health professionals. Sanctuary is located at the top of the field by the entrance to the woods towards Steam Bath.

If appropriate, Rangers can offer to escort or direct participants to Sanctuary if they’d like a quiet, safe place to talk with someone confidentially. If you think a participant could benefit from some time in Sanctuary contact Khaki. There may be a ranger available that could help - Khaki will know. Remember that Sanctuary is a limited resource and, in most cases involving participants in some degree of distress, not a necessity. NorthBeast EMTs may be a more appropriate support in the case of mental health issues, check with Khaki. Use your discretion when suggesting or accessing Sanctuary as a resource. Sanctuary should not be used as a “drunk tank.” If you do end up escorting someone to Sanctuary, let Khaki know.

If you are interested in volunteering for Sanctuary or receiving training, please email


DPW handles most event infrastructure.

Firefly Event Leads & Board

The Firefly Event Leads and Board Members are available to help on event-level issues. Khaki can contact them if needed.


At the gate, there are both Firefly Volunteers and hired Security (NorthBeast). You are very unlikely to need to interact with them, but they are also part of why you should never have to have a direct, physical confrontation with any participant or other person on the property.


Gnomes are super helpful volunteers that often run errands for other cores.

Accessibility Core

Accessibility Core volunteers help people with disabilities be included in Firefly by transporting their stuff up the hill. Mostly active during load-in and load-out, daytimes only.