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The primary goal of the Policy & Procedure (P & P) training module is to make sure all our Firefly Rangers are on the same page about what we do and why we do it. Much of this stays the same from year to year, but some things change. Reviewing P & P Materials in this wiki before attending an in-person training means that at the in-person training, we can focus on experiential learning and discussions about the nuances of policy & procedure in action.

Policies & Procedures Overview Slides and Handout

Policies & Procedures Overview Slides [to be added when ready]

P & P Handout (checklists) [to be added when ready]

Get Involved

Ranger Roles & Shifts

At-Event Ranger Roles

Rangerly and Unrangerly Behavior

Preparing for your Shift

Ranger Shift Logistics

Situation-Specific Procedures

Beyond the Rangers: other Firefly Cores & Resources


Other Situation-Specific Procedures

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