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Thank you for your interest in Rangering this year! We look forward to seeing you at training and rangering together in the woods! If you have any questions, please email

NOTE: To volunteer for the Firefly Rangers, we ask that you have either attended Firefly a previous year, or that you have extensive experience rangering at other burns.

Ranger Survey

Please fill out the 2023 Ranger survey! This will let you know that you are interested. Included is a list of dates when we offer Ranger training (you can also see list below.)

Training Overview

All Firefly Rangers are required to do training every year. We’ve greatly expanded the options for training in recent years, so please be patient!

In preparation for training, please review the materials in this wiki indicated below for your level of experience.

If you have any questions about your level of experience and requirements, email

"Full basic training" includes Policy & Procedure, Basic Ranger Skills, and Radio Basics. All off-site Firefly trainings include all of these. These are also covered by Black Rock City Ranger trainings (offered around the country), although we ask you to review our Policy & Procedures since many are Firefly-specific.

Alphas (1st year)

If this is your first year rangering, you will be an “alpha." You will need full basic training (see above).

You must have attended Firefly a previous year, or have rangering experience at another burn (if so, see section on New Experienced Rangers below.) If you have any questions, email

Choose a Ranger Handle

If you don’t already have a Ranger Handle, you will need one to be a Ranger! A Ranger Handle is a unique (i.e., no one else using it at Firefly this year), radio-friendly name that has some personal meaning to you. Most are two to three syllables. Please do not use your legal name.

If you would like to change your Ranger handle, please contact the Personnel Team

Shiny Pennies (2nd Year)

If this is your second year rangering, you are a “shiny penny”. You still need full basic training (see above) but you are invited to also take other trainings such as Echelon, Conflict Resolution, or Mentoring.

Returning Rangers (3rd+ Year)

If you have rangered two or more years, you will need to take P & P. If you haven’t done full training recently, we ask you to take Basic Ranger Skills.

You are also encouraged to take advanced training modules: Intro to Khaki (required for KIT & Khaki), Advanced Khaki I-Leadership Skills, Advanced Khaki II-Problem Solving, Conflict Resolution, Echelon, Mentoring, and ICS trainings.

New Experienced Rangers

We are always happy to have rangers joining us from other burns. Depending on your level of experience, you may be eligible for exceptions to training requirements. If have not been to Firefly before, we ask that you take our Firefly-specific Policy & Procedure, offered at all our trainings (including onsite.) Please contact for more information.

Please be aware that there are some differences between Firefly and other burns, particularly Burning man.

  • Layout. We expect all our rangers to be able to navigate Firefly effectively. Please take some time when you arrive to familiarize yourself with path names, major camps, and different areas/landmarks (eg, the Field, the Pool). You can also take a look at the map ahead of time.
  • We are a much smaller event (about 1000 participants), and as such everything is smaller.
  • Our ranger council is much smaller and hands-on that the BRC Ranger council
  • Echelon at Firefly is stationary at HQ. See Echelon description.
  • We do NOT have law enforcement, EMT, or Firefighters on site at all times.
  • We use ICS for emergencies. See ICS section.
  • We have a different Early Arrival process, as well as Exodus. If you have questions, please email

If you have any questions about your level of experience and requirements, email

Ranger Training Opportunities

Complete the [1]2023 Ranger survey! to sign up for one of these training dates. You only need to attend one of these. If you have to change your training date or none of these work for you, email

Local Trainings in June (In-person or join via Zoom)

None in 2023

Black Rock Ranger Trainings

Sign up at

The Boston area BRR training date has not yet been announced.

Onsite Training

Tuesday, July 4, 2023, from 14:00-15:00 (2pm to 3pm)

Wednesday, July 5, 2023, from 14:00-15:00 (2pm to 3pm)

Thursday, June 30, 2022 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at Firefly Ranger HQ

We strongly suggest attending one of the pre-event trainings in Charlestown if you are able to, as onsite training is often shortened and intended for out-of-town rangers. Email for more information.

Shift sign up

2023 sign up through volunteer system:

For reference, 2022 Shift Sign up link

New Rangers ("ALPHAS"): When you do sign up for shifts, your first shift will be as an “Alpha” ranger, where you walk with a mentor. Subsequent shifts will be regular “dirt” shifts.

Note: any "dirt" shift can be a mentor shift if there are alphas who need mentors, you have rangered at least one year, and you are comfortable mentoring.

See At-Event Ranger Roles for more details on eligibility for particular roles.

Graveyard & Late-in-Event Shifts

If you are able to do any 2am-6am shift, or any shifts from the Bug Burn onwards (Friday night onwards), PLEASE sign up for these shifts! We always have a hard time filling these shifts, and are very grateful to volunteers who take these on. (We also have a special item of swag for rangers who do these shifts.)

Keep In Touch

Any rangers who fill out the survey will be added to the ranger allcom list; you should also receive an invitation to join our Facebook group. Please keep an eye out for announcements!

If you have any questions, please email

Changes and Highlights for 2023

For returning Rangers, notes about what has changed since last year.

2023 Ranger Council Changes

Ranger Co-Leads: Roomba & Padre

See Current Ranger leadership for more about the Ranger council.

2022 Changes:

Officer of the Day

Officer of the Day is no longer be a Ranger role, as it is pivoting over to a daily event lead drawn from Safety Cluster volunteers to act as a liaison between the Safety Cluster and the Board as well as a resource for Khaki to call upon for incidents or complex situations that may escalate to use Incident Command System, allowing Khaki to manage Ranger resources as needed for the event instead of having cascading responsibilities.

Green Dot Rangers / Sanctuary

In discussions with Sanctuary, there will be a greater emphasis in resolving issues in the field with Rangers, such that Rangers with a familiar with the circumstances of a situation or Green Dot/sanctuary training should take the first pass at reaching a resolution first and then escalating to Sanctuary for more complex cases

Fire Art Safety Team

Fire Art Safety Team has asked/empowered Rangers to perform due diligence/extinguishing rights for unattended fires in order to focus their personnel on inspection and support of fire art as opposed to the fire pits and brasiers at the event. I am awaiting further details from FAST fir specific details, and this will be included in the training materials

Sound Core

Sound Core will be working with Rangers to provide sound meters in order to help keep up with the volume regulation of sound camps and response to noise complaints.

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