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Ranger Costume

Rangers will be issued a light-green colored shirt with Ranger insignia and a Ranger ID laminate (lam). These clothing elements, along with your shift radio, make up the Ranger costume that serves to identify you to the Firefly Community as a Ranger resource. Rangers must be in costume (logoed shirt, ID lam, and radio) while on duty.

Please add ornamentation (patches, pins, cloth, and other objects) to make your Ranger gear unique. Accessories that are utilitarian or display humor and/or art are encouraged.

You are welcome to add your own items of clothing as long as your shirt & lam are visible. Long-sleeved shirts provide protection from the sun during the day and additional covering for warmth at night. Pockets that have button or zipper closures will carry smaller items safely. Cotton clothing is comfortable and durable. If you are wearing a backpack or hydration pack, you are encouraged to modify it to display a Ranger logo when viewed from behind.

Clothing or accessories that send a message of hostility or aggression are discouraged. Any article of clothing or accessory that might cause participants to confuse us with law enforcement, military, or security personnel (e.g., camouflage) is not appropriate. Rangers on duty should not dress in a sexually provocative manner - it’s not about you.

Required Equipment / Ranger Checklist

A Ranger should carry these personal items at all times while on duty:

  • Water (secured bottle or hydration backpack -~Camelbak)
  • Notebook and Pencil
  • Small flashlight
  • Knife or utility tool
  • Watch/time-telling device
  • Quick-energy snack foods (jerky, trail mix)
  • Clothing for changes in temperature
  • Whistle (useful for getting the attention of large groups/vehicles)
  • A sturdy belt for your radio
  • Appropriate footwear (we recommend closed-toe shoes)


Your Ranger role requires you to be sober, alert, and ready to respond as needed. Make sure you get enough rest, water, and food during your Firefly.

If you are not going to be in a condition to fulfill your role responsibly, it’s better to let the Rangers know ASAP so they can try to fill your shift. Don’t try to take on too much just to find out that you can’t honor your commitments.

If you need support, ASK! Khaki, and members of the ranger council are available to support you however we can. If you need to talk about what happened during a shift, or just want to talk privately, there is space behind Ranger Headquarters.


Help us make sure shifts are covered!

  • Check the schedule in the volunteer database.
  • Check your schedule with Khaki.
  • Write down your shifts.
  • Let Echelon or Khaki know ASAP if you can’t make your shift.
  • Check the whiteboard at Ranger HQ to see if there are shifts that need filling that you can do.

All Rangers & Alphas should sign up for shifts online before the event: see the Shift sign-up. If you need to adjust your schedule or want to add some more shifts, you can do this in the woods at Ranger Echelon.

Upon arrival at Firefly, set up your camp, get acclimated, meet your neighbors, check out the camp next door and relax. Do not sign up for a shift two hours after your expected arrival as this may result in added pressure on the road or upon your arrival.

Once you have signed up for a shift, keep your commitment. You must be sober, well-rested, and have your food, water and clothing needs covered before starting patrol. Including check-in and check-out time, Ranger shifts are generally 4 hours long. Show up at least 10 minutes before the scheduled start of your shift to check in, get a radio, find a partner, and attend the shift briefing. You should also expect to stay in the dirt 15 minutes after the shift is over while the next shift is briefed and sent out.

When on shift, you are not off-duty until released by Khaki. Circumstances may dictate that you remain on shift for a short period beyond a scheduled shift change. At the end of your shift, Khaki will call all Rangers back to HQ to check out. This is a chance to debrief with other shift Rangers, check out of your shift, and maybe get a snack.

Please report to Khaki any notes you’ve made on incidents you dealt with on your shift that you think are important to Khaki. This includes reports of non-urgent situations that might come up again later in the event. Written reports should be legible and should include who/what/where/when -- i.e., your handle, the location of the incident, the time it occurred, and a brief description of what happened.

Occasionally, a Ranger will need to go off duty during a shift due to illness, physical exhaustion, or other causes. If you need to go off duty before your shift time has ended, contact Khaki. If you have completed your shift and still have the Art of Rangering flowing through your heart, you may volunteer to stay on duty. If you do, your extra level of commitment is appreciated. Tell the Khaki your specific time commitment so he or she can plan accordingly. Be sure to let Khaki know when you have gone off shift.

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