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This page describes rental radio setup since 2019. For information on 2018 and earlier radios, see Radio Tech 2018.

Radio Equipment/Rentals

We're renting radios from Event Radio Rentals.

Work Weekend 2 (Placement): 12 Motorola CP200D digital radios

Event: 70 Motorola CP200D digital radios

Motorola CP200D Digital UHF

Cp 200d front 500x500px.jpg

The radios themselves are extremely simple. There are only three controls you need to know:

Cp200d controls.png

  1. The Push To Talk button: (2) in the diagram above.
  2. The Power/Volume Control knob: (8) in the diagram above.
  3. The Channel Selector knob: (9) in the diagram above.

The microphone and speaker are on the front.

2023 Radio Channels

Ch # Channel
1 INFO Routine traffic for event operations
2 TRAFFIC Vehicle traffic coordination (Polaris, car)
3 DPW Department of Public Works
4 ACCESS Accessibility Squad dispatch
5 GGGP Gate, Greeters, Gnomes, Parking
6 UTC Upper Parking traffic coordination
7 Channel unused in 2023
8 OOD Officer of the Day / Incident Commander
9 ONCALL Low traffic channel for volunteers to get paged to other channels
10 Channel unused in 2023
11 BOARD Board on Call
12 Channel unused in 2023
13 TAC2 Incident/side conversation channel
14 TAC3 Incident/side conversation channel
15 Channel unused in 2023
16 MEDICAL Medical service provider (NorthBeast)