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Welcome to the Ranger Wiki!

For an overview of the Firefly Rangers, please see our page on the Firefly website.

This table of contents includes major sections of this wiki (e.g. Policies and Procedures), and links to separate pages (e.g. Get Involved-2017) and important page sections (e.g. Training Overview). All Rangers should review the material in Policy and Procedures, as well as Basic Ranger Skills.


Main Page

Table of contents

Overview of the Firefly Rangers

Policies and Procedures Overview/Table of Contents

Get Involved - 2017

Training Overview

Alphas (1st year)

Shiny Pennies (2nd year)

Returning Rangers (3+ year)

New Experienced Rangers

2017 Ranger Training Opportunities

Shift sign-up

Keep in touch

Changes & Highlights for 2017

How to become a Firefly Ranger

New "Alpha" Rangers

Experienced Rangers Joining us from other Burns

At-Event Ranger Roles

Alpha Dirt Rangers

Dirt Rangers


Mentor Dirt Rangers



Officer of the Day (OOD)

Bug Burn Perimeter

Ranger Roles Eligibility Policy for 2017

What Rangers do on Shift

Rangerly and Unrangerly Behavior


Non-confrontational, Non-authoritarian Methods of Interaction

Social Capital

Un-Rangerly Behavior

Preparing for your Shift

Ranger Costume

Ranger Shift Checklist



Ranger Shift Logistics

Coming On Shift

During your shift

Going off Shift

Decompressing after your shift

Situation-Specific Procedures

What you must report to Khaki

ICS in Brief

Beyond the Rangers: other Firefly Cores & Resources


Medical Emergency

Lost Child

Other Situation-Specific Procedures

Found Child

Disoriented participant

Unattended Fire

Burn Perimeter


Accessibility Animals

Basic Ranger Skills


Find Out: Approaching the Situation



Radio Basics

Firefly Ranger Jargon Glossary

Advanced Ranger Skills & Roles Overview

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution Handout

Mentor Guidelines

Echelon Shift Guide


Intro to Khaki

Advanced Khaki I-Leadership Skills

Advanced Khaki II-Problem Solving

ICS (Incident Command System)

ICS Overview

ICS in Brief (Section of P & P)

ICS I-Basic Concepts

ICS II-For Safety Core Volunteers

ICS III-Managing Developing Incidents

ICS IV-Organizational Structure

Firefly Ranger Organization

History, Structure & Getting Involved Year-Round

Current Ranger Leadership

How to Join a Ranger Team

Firefly Ranger Charter

Ranger Leadership and Year-round roles

Acknowledgments & BRC Manual

Getting started